In-Store Technologies are Changing the Way We Shop


In-store technology is changing the way we shop as both consumers and retailers are being impacted by advancing technology. These technologies are creating a more interactive shopping experience, giving retailers a greater opportunity to create a seamless online and offline experience for consumers. There are countless examples of technologies that have tried to change the way consumers act and behave,

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Digitising the Store: The Next Wave of Online and Offline Convergence


The National Retail Federation, Demandware and the University of Arizona recently teamed up to publish, “Digitizing the Store, The Next Wave of Online and Offline Convergence” to look at the integration of POS and e-ccommerce technology and its impact on digitizing stores. Technology has changed retail. No single channel or touchpoint can define the total customer experience, and consumers are

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Is the High Street Dead?

Boarded-up shop on the high street

Is the high street dead? This is a question that has grown in popularity over the past few years and with the closure of many major high street retailers such as HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster it is easy to believe that the high street is dying. The figures in the UK are startling. According to the Grimsey Report, nearly 50%

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