BoscaBox-Reinventing the retail space

What is BoscaBox?

BoscaBox DS Player

The player is compact (less than 20mm deep), and can be easily housed in the tightest of spaces, or directly on the back of the screen. The BoscaBox is connected to the screen through the HDMI port driving content at 1920x1080. This device has low energy consumption, meaning lower energy costs and a more robust performance

BoscaBox DS User Interface

The interface is simple and intuitive allowing a client to manage networks at two levels

Content Management

The CMS is designed to make the management of content on digital networks simple. We have pared down the functionality to reflect what is required by the user on a daily basis-Store; Playlist; Schedule. With this the user can manage campaigns of content down to individual screen level and down to the minute of publishing.

Remote Management

The BoscaBox RMS alows admin users to

  • Monitor the health status of all displays
  • Monitor the health status of all BoscaBox units
  • Remotely reboot devices
  • Add/Delete/Modify displays
  • Create display groups
  • Track performance statistics

The CMS and RMS are accessible through any browser enabled device

What Makes Us Different


Cost Effective