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Video – Staff Picks

Audi City

Audi have developed a futuristic showroom called Audi City in Piccadilly Circus, London. Audi are using interactive, digital media such as interactive touchscreens, impressive video walls and gesture technology to create a unique experience for their customers. The impressive showroom allows Audi to showcase their entire fleet to customers while confined to the small retail space in the heart of London.

Audi City is a perfect example of how digital and interactive media should be used in retail and is well worth a visit.


Adidas have teamed up with Intel to create a virtual footwear wall called ‘adiVerse’. The wall gives customers a highly interactive experience while showcasing a virtual inventory of over 8000 shoes. The virtual wall allows customers to view an unlimited amount of shoes, share them via social media and purchase them almost instantly. Customers are given a far more interactive, knowledgeable and enjoyable experience and there is little doubt that Adidas will reap the rewards of the adiVerse.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade worked with eBay on a number of pop up shops in New York. They use  cool digital interactive media to try redefine window shopping. The pop-up shops are a major success and are a very good example of how the high street can be re-invented successfully. It is also an example of how online retailers can make their presence felt on the high street. This strategy, Clicks to Bricks, is becoming very popular and many more online retailers are using physical stores to create a better experience for their customers and sell more products

Belk Store of the Future

This is a video that offers an insight into what retailers and consumers can expect in the coming years. Majority of the technology in the video is already developed or in the late stages of development. However, it will be a few years before any retailer uses this level of digital media in their stores.